ANTIOXIMAX® is a food product supplied in capsules for oral administration. ANTIOXIMAX® has been formulated to increase the activity and concentration of NPD1-DHA® and to prevent interactions that lower its neurotrophic capability.

Oral intakes of ANTIOXIMAX® and NPD1-DHA®, significantly enhance the activity of NPD1-DHA® and other neurotrophic factors present in the retina (macula and peripheral retina) and the brain such as neuroprotectin D1 (NPD1).

El ANTIOXIMAX® is especially significant in terms of enhancing ocular microcirculation and providing protection against high oxidative stresses.

The ANTIOXIMAX® formula is highly complex. It has been necessary to use very pure active nutrients (>90%) to eliminate a number of natural active principles such as certain types of bioflavonoids that interfere with NPD1-DHA® and the active principles of ANTIOXIMAX®.

The use of other circulatory supplements and bioflavonoids may interfere with the effects produced by ANTIOXIMAX® in the retina, in visual function and the brain. Unlike other antioxidants and circulatory supplements, the ANTIOXIMAX®formula presents a low level of bioflavonoids interfering with the function and action mechanisms of Resveratrol, Delphidin and Myrecetin. As an example, many potent bioflavonoids inhibit a number of isoenzymes of certain enzymes (ej: NOS).

The combination of ANTIOXIMAX® está antioxidants has been designed to reduce physiological oxidative activity and to avoid pro-oxidative effects in certain situations and tissues produced by the active principles of the compound. Thus, certain antioxidants are avoided which, although known for their healthy features, interfere and reduce the visual and neurotrophic activity of ANTIOXIMAX® and NPD1-DHA® and trigger sirtulins under certain oxidative and pathological conditions when in the presence of H2O2, O2- and other reactive oxygen species.

ANTIOXIMAX® contains compounds that greatly enhance the bioavailability of Myrecetin, Delphidin and Resveratrol. ANTIOXIMAX®, when administered orally, has been specifically designed to not only engage the intestinal and vascular endohelium, but also to obtain suitable concentrations of Delphidin, Myrecetin and Resveratrol in order to increase the concentration and activity of NPD1-DHA® in terms of visual and cerebral function.


4 capsules/day. Dosage can be increased in the event of exceptional or severe clinical cases and the product can be taken for extensive periods of time or permanently. 


4 capsules a day to be taken preferably two or three times as recommended by a health care practitioner. Dosage can be increased in exceptional or severe clinical cases and the product can be taken for extensive periods of time or permanently.

Always store in fresh dry places (12-25ºC)
Contents 120 capsules
Net weight: 90g

* This product does not contain any of the following ingredients: yeast, wheat gluten, soybean proteins, dairy products, corn, sodium, sacarose, starch, artificial colouring agents, preservatives or flavouring additives. Always keep out of children’s reach. It is a food preparation that contains amino acids, traditional plants, vitamins and minerals.