DHA1000NPD1-CELAVISTA® is a food product supplied in soft capsules to be taken orally. NPD1-CELAVISTA® is a formula that was developed more than 16 years ago by Dr. José M. Cela that contains 1,000 mg/capsules of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The formulation is protected by intellectual property laws.

NPD1-CELAVISTA®&contains DHA, i.e., a fatty acid that predominates in the human retina, brain and nervous system. NPD1-CELAVISTA® contains a trophic factor that is especially necessary for visual and neurological development in infants during pregnancy, breastfeeding and part of childhood. NPD1-CELAVISTA® helps to preserve visual and neurological functionality in adults.


ANTIOXIMAX ANTIOXIMAX® is a food product supplied in capsules to be taken orally. Each capsule contains: Taurine; glutation; Beta-alanil-L-zinc histidinate; Lipoloic acid; Vitamin C; Zinc; Hesperitin; Myricetine; Delphidinin; Resveratrol; retinol palmitate; Vincaminol; Ginkgoflavonglucosides...

The various components of ANTIOXIMAX®favour proper retinal function, continuous hyperpolarization, formation of lipofucsin, vitreal viscosity, etc.

The NPD1-CELAVISTA® and ANTIOXIMAX® formula developed by Dr. José M. Cela

NPD1-CELAVISTA®, and ANTIOXIMAX®,  are nutritional supplements designed by Dr. José M. Cela as a result of two decades of work focused on developing a treatment for Pigmentary Retinosis (PR), supported by extensive research & development actions involving lipidomics and fatty acids.

Since 1993, Dr. José M. Cela has collaborated with the Basque Country’s Association of People Affected by Pigmentary Retinosis (AARPE) and carried out outstanding and successful clinical research that eventually resulted in a PhD thesis dealing with the treatment of Pigmentary Retinosis based on using a DHA formulation.

Dr. José M. Cela’s research work concerning the treatment of Pigmentary Retinosis demonstrated sufficient scientific, medical and clinical plausibility and in 2006 received its first designation as an orphan drug for the treatment of Pigmentary Retinosis using a DHA composition: RETRIACYL® at the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Dr. José M. Cela was the first researcher in the world to develop a drug based on DHA (RETRIACYL®) whose efficiency has been demonstrated in the treatment of degenerative retinal diseases.

It is currently the only patent in the world that contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) associated with significant clinical applications. In fact, there are no other vitamin compositions, DHA supplements or OMEGA3 blends available on the market capable of achieving the same effects as RETRYACIL® or NPD1-CELAVISTA®.

NPD1-CELAVISTA® is made by Celavista Pharmaceuticals, a company established in 2009 by Dr. José M. Cela, that currently holds more than 30 international patents connected to to docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and phytanic acid and is directly involved in more than sixty product innovations related to biomedical, pharmaceutical and nutritional applications. 

By 1996, Dr. José M. Cela had already discovered cytotoxic effects associated with phytanic acid found in Omega3 compounds. 

Phytanic acid is not only the most potent antagonist of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) but also as the most powerful cytotoxic and pro-oxidant found in food, particularly in fish. High doses of phytanic acid are usually found in market products that contain Omega3 and DHA. Phytanic acid-free docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most potent and determining neurotrophic factor, when taken in suitable doses as regard synthesing the most potent neuroprotectins derived from DHA (d1-npd1 neuroprotectin). 

NPD1-CELAVISTA® is the only nutritional supplement currently available on the market featuring DHA that contains no phytanic acid.

OMEGA3 compounds rich in EPA greatly reduce the bioavailability of DHA and also significantly limit the formation of NPD1 (neuroprotectin D1)

Both NPD1-CELAVISTA® and ANTIOXIMAX® are registered trademarks and are under the protection of intellectual property laws.